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Residential Cleaning

North TexStar cleaning services is proud to provide exceptional Residential Cleaning Services for our residential customers. Our cleaning routine is different in every home and each cleaning service is designed around each client's individual needs. We offer weekly, biweekly or once a month cleaning services and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal!


We know that having a clean home is important to our clients and that it's hard to find the time to thoroughly clean a home, especially with all the demands of live. Rest assured that North TexStar offers you thorough, professional residential cleaning services every time we care for your home. 



Our Residential Cleaning Services Include:




Cozy Living Room
  • All Ceiling Fans Cleaned 

  • Dust all your furniture, knick-knacks and lamp shades

  • ​Dust and wipe down window blinds 

  • ​All baseboards are wiped down

  • Focus on cleaning corners and tight places

  • Clean hallways and staircases

  • Clean mirrors and glass fixtures

  • Clean under beds and furniture without having to move

  • Cleaning interior windows and sills

  • Vacuum and mop all hard floor surfaces

  • Vacuum all carpeting and rugs

  • Flat surface areas are dusted with a damp cloth 

  • Linens are changed by request

  • Beds are made

  • Empty trash receptacles and replace bags  

  • Dust all furniture and items

  • Dust and wipe all countertops and cabinet surfaces

  • Dust and wipe down window blinds

  •  Wipe ceiling fans, light fixtures and vents (if accessible)

  • Clean, sanitize, disinfect toilets, sinks and showers

  • Clean mirrors, glass in picture frames and any other glass surfaces

  • Remove limescale and soap scum from shower heads tops, tile and shower glass

  • Clean shower glass inside and out 

  • Clean interior windows and sills

  • Vacuum and mop all hard floor surfaces 

  • Vacuum rugs

  • Wipe down door frames, door knobs and light switch plates

  • Empty trash receptacles and replace bags

Minimalistic Kitchen
  • Dust and clean all reachable areas

  • Dust and wipe down window blinds

  • Clean stovetop 

  • Clean stainless steal appliances 

  • ​Clean and wipe kitchen cabinets and appliances 

  • Clean and wipe microwave inside and outside

  • Clean and wipe tile and backsplash walls 

  • Clean mirrors, glass doors and fixtures 

  • Clean interior windows, dust and wipe window frames and sills

  • Clean and wipe kitchen sinks 

  • Vacuum and mop kitchen floors 

  • Clean all counter tops 

  • Empty trash receptacles and replace bags

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