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other Services

In addition to the standard cleaning services North TexStar offers a number of other cleaning services to keep your residence or commercial space looking its best.

Kitchen with Marble Island

One Time Detail Cleaning

Wether you are one of our valued clients who would like the occasional deep clean or if you are a new client looking for a One Time Detailed Cleaning, you can trust that we will always provide the most thorough, honest and personalized cleaning service possible.


pre/Post holiday cleaning

Generally the most hectic times in our lives are around the holidays but don't worry we are here to take away all of your worries and make your holidays fun and stress free. We will make sure that you come to a clean and spotless home.


green cleaning

Our green cleaning services are delivered through an-eco-friendly suite of cleaning products. Our cleaners use green cleaning products such as eco-friendly detergents, glass cleaners and other cleaning products.


specialty cleaning

  • Interior cabinet cleaning

  • Appliance cleaning 

  • Porch, attic and garage cleaning 

  • Wall washing

  • Oven or refrigerator cleaning

  • Market preparation 

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