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commercial Cleaning


North TexStar is a top-notch company for Commercial Cleaning in Texas. We know what we are doing when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the quality of your commercial space. 

Professional commercial cleaning means more than just removing dirt and grime from carpets, tiles and floors. It is about keeping a work place clean and bacteria free, so every person that comes to work in that space, can feel clean and safe in their work environment.

Meeting Room

Our Commercial Cleaning Services Include:

  • Dust desks, computers and all office furniture

  • Disinfect common surfaces such as telephones and light switches 

  • Clean and sanitize all areas of bathrooms, kitchen and lounge area: clean sinks, counter tops, microwaves, toasters, ovens and refrigerator 

  • Dust and clean light fixtures 

  • Clean interior windows, dusting and wiping window frames and sills 

  • Dust and wipe down window blinds 

  • Vacuum and wash hard surface floors

  • Vacuum all carpeting

  • Empty trash receptacles and replace bags 

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